Our Website

Our video explains you how you how it is possible to convert more of your customers via the Sunshine Exim website. Firstly, the website is a trade only, and contains a live inventory of over 5000 items with full item details including pricing of fine jewellery ranging from semi-set rings, eternity rings, necklaces, bracelets and gemstone rings Secondly, the website can be customized completely to be customer-facing through changing your logo at the top and adding your own customized pricing markup It is even possible to show you your contact details at the top right of this website.

So you have the option to show your customers what type of jewellery you are able to offer them.

However, in our experience if you know what your customer is looking for It is better to request items via our next day appro service to show the items physically to your customers. So to start making use of our website register today, and if you would like further training, please do get in touch with us.

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