Our Offering

Fine Jewellery

Using 18 Karat gold and PT950 platinum our jewellery is made bespoke to maximize the brilliance of a given gemstone. Covering both semi-precious (Opals, Aquamarines, Peridots, Amethysts, Tourmalines, Tanzanites etc.) and precious gemstones (Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies & Emeralds) we manufacture all types of jewellery including rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants & necklaces

Semi-Set Jewellery

Over 300 designs of semi-set rings, earrings, pendants & bracelets. Designs are based on our experience of selling fine jewellery for 30+ years.
We take pride the quality of the product, and believe it to be a cut above the current mass market solutions both through our designs and build quality. As standard we use melee diamonds grades G VS or above.

Eternity Rings

With over 100 designs of diamond-set Eternity rings and lead times of less than 4 weeks. We are confident our range will cover all of your needs. We also have a fantastic range of colored gemstone eternity rings in many different designs. Again, we take pride in the quality of the stones, the design as well as the overall build quality. As standard we use melee diamonds grades G VS or above.

Goods on Appro

We run a next day approbation service, powered via our vast collection of fine jewellery. This is often a great way to get a flavor for our products and to increase your sales immediately.

Bespoke Manufacturing

We have a fantastic bespoke service with a 100% track record of delivering satisfaction. We will provide an initial sketch and quote free of charge. If design and price is suitable, we will CAD and manufacture. Typical lead times range between 3 - 6 weeks.

Diamonds & Gemstones

Through our jewellery manufacturing expertise we have built a vast global network gemstone dealers. We can source heated and unheated gemstones. We also have a Diamond buying office in Mumbai and can help you to source diamonds.

Consumer Friendly Website

Our website contains a vast inventory of almost all currently available items, as well as all a large selection of the items sold in the past. Our pricing is live, and the website customer facing with your logo and custom-mark up. You can directly request appro from our website for next day delivery. It is a great tool to gets sales even if you don't have what the customer is looking for in your stock.

Silver Samples & Consumer Facing Catalogue

Our samples and catalogue are a great tool which complements our website, and enables you and your customer to effectively browse our range of jewellery. Both are great tools to maximize your sales with very little capital investment.


How our website works?


About Us

We are a family owned company that has been serving over 600 jewellers since 1988. We are passionate about crafting the best quality jewellery possible. We hold an extensive inventory of fine jewellery which is made available to you through our trade only website.

Our business has grown consistently through constant collaboration with our customers; we started from trading loose gemstone diamonds, which evolved into fine jewellery manufacturing. Now, as a result of our experience, we are producing some of the most unique and high quality semi-set mounts currently in the market.

We hope you choose us to support you on your business journey, should you require loose gemstones and diamonds or to make use of our bespoke service, where we design, quote and manufacture to your customers needs. Please see below for a full overview of our offering.


How are we different?

Broad Range of Fine Jewellery

We hold a large inventory of jewellery covering many different varieties of products, so we can be a one stop shop for many of your fine jewellery needs. This includes Semi-Set jewellery, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces etc.

Investment in Technology

We have continuously invested in our infrastructure so that we can serve you as efficiently as possible while being able to provide good value. As a result, it is possible to browse our inventory online in-front of your customer and request items on appro. We can also share high resolution images and media to help you market the jewellery to your customers.

Gemstone Jewellery Collection

We are one of the market leaders in our Gemstone Jewellery Collection offering exceptional value and quality in this domain. Covering both precious (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphires) and semi-precious stones (Peridots, Opals, Moonstone, Tanzanites, Amethysts etc.).

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