About us

Sunshine Exim was established in 1989. We started out as a small family business with the philosophy of providing high-quality gemstones at excellent prices. Over the years we have developed our expertise in jewellery manufacturing. We understand the market and the current climate, and this is reflected in the service and products we now offer.

We have time-tested trusted suppliers in India, Thailand, Hong Kong and China. Having a stronghold across the different locations around the world means we are able to source the finest diamonds and gemstones at the most competitive prices. Our highly skilled craftsmen then create fine quality jewellery, to be treasured by customers for generations.

We have invested in our digital offering to ensure that we are pioneers at helping you provide digital services to your customers. High-resolution images are available for all our products; these can be shared on social media with your own branding. Sunshineexim.com also offers pre-designed leaflets, which can be tailored to meet each retailer's specific needs.

At Sunshine Exim we have the experience and the innovative drive to provide you with the finest products, delivered with the promise of efficient service. 

We have a good skill base to make handmade jewellery. You can view a full collection of Diamond Jewellery online. We can make jewellery as per your customer's design.

If you have a shop or if you are in the jewellery trade then you can register yourself as a member of the trade.

Once registered we will set up a trade account for you to request items on appro, subject to your trade status and trade references.

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